How long before you see results?

Dear Gillian,

I have read a lot of self help books and tried a lot of the techniques, I regularly meditate, eat well and keep fit. I did not have a horrendous childhood and yet I still feel that something is not right. I feel like I am searching for something or someone. How long do you have to do this stuff for before you see results?  Is there any point in me doing your workshop?

Dear Simon,

Most people who I see could match your bookshelf book for book. When we start on the voyage of self discovery (for whatever reason that may be) initially we look to self help/self development books to provide a quick fix, and there are a great many out there. It is easy to get dis-heartened when you have tried so many and yet still have not found what you are after.  Many books, tapes etc. have a similar theory behind them just delivered in a different way. The key to all self development is the word “self” this is your life and your journey.  The reason all the books do not seem to work is because you are like a sponge that has been coated in oil. The oil is like a protective layer but it stops the sponge soaking up the water as originally intended.

The quickest way to get back to your “authentic” joyous self is to clear out the past.  You do not need to have had an abused childhood to have “issues”. Even the most small and seemingly insignificant event can have a far reaching effect on you today simply because it was misinterpreted when you were a child.

Strip away the old layers of past conditioning (remove the oily coating from the sponge) and then whatever positive messages and work you do is absorbed on a deeper level, and is very effective and genuine. This can be difficult to do by yourself and that is why people just like me run workshops and hold one to one sessions to guide people through the process.  It can take as little as two days.  It involves getting in touch with your anger, hurt, resentment and any other negative emotions, thoughts and feelings you may unconsciously be hanging onto. It involves listening to your body and your inner child and many other facets of yourself.

You are supporting yourself in many good ways right now, if you do the clearing work needed as well, then you can start to clear your bookshelf as you will not need those books anymore.

Yes, come on the workshop.  Now is the time to get on with living your life fully and loving it!

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