Manifest Something Good Today

Just for fun why not manifest something good today.  You may be thinking how can I do that?  The truth is you are already manifesting just unaware of it.  One of the most valuable guides to manifesting you can use is your own body and feelings.  Right now if you have any uncomfortable feelings in your body then you are not likely to manifest anything good.  If you can lift your mood and feel good then you will bring more of the same good feeling into your life.  It’s that old what you give out you get back stuff again.

Manifesting is all about aligninghay5 yourself with what you want.

As an example:

You would not expect a miserable, lonely person sitting on their own in a corner to attract a loving, happy person to have a relationship with.  They might attract some sympathy or  someone who can out do them on the hard done by stakes possibly but that is all.  The old saying misery loves company supports this.

Emotions and Manifesting

You may have noticed that when something good happens in your life and you feel lucky or happy everything else seems to go well. Your belief and expectation has changed and it continues to be confirmed for as long as you are in your feel good state. This is when you are aligned with your good and in the flow. This can work the other way round, rather than waiting for something good to happen you can start feeling good and allow the good to come to you.

So, just for today take some time to lift your mood and feel good.  Keep it simple. I often use music to lift my mood, sometimes a comedy show or just walking outside in the rain or the sun (more likely rain currently).  I get a lot of joy from walking the dogs in the rain when I have my lovely warm waterproof boots and coat on and realise I am warm and dry. The fresh air wakes me up and brings me to life. My mood can drop when I have to clean the dogs on my return home but I can lift it with lighting a log fire and a hot cup of tea.  Yes, simple pleasures for me but they bring me joy and lift my mood.

Come on, give it a try, lift your mood and see how good it gets. Don’t look for anything in particular to happen just do it to feel good or at least better than you do now.