Weight Loss

weightlossEverywhere you look there are articles, adverts, products and so much more focusing on weight loss. There is a huge industry that thrives on our concerns about how we look and in some cases feed our fears relating to our bodies and our acceptability to others. I would like you to change your perspective. The more you fight your body, force it to do things that feel uncomfortable or like punishment, deprive yourself in different ways the more you will find the weight stubbornly staying put or even increasing. We all know of people (maybe us) who have done all sorts of diets and have even lost weight and yet have still replaced it the moment they have ceased the strict regime they were on. In your heart and subconscious mind you understand why that is.

Your Body Has Excess Weight For A Reason

Here is a thought for you – Your body has the weight for a reason (not just because you are stuffing your face), your subconscious feels you need it and is doing its best to give you what you need inspite of all the challenges (diets etc.) you give it. The way to succeed with weight loss is to release the underlying need for it from your subconscious and the really interesting thing is that the underlying reasons are probably not what you may think they are at all but something completely different.

So now, just for a moment, accepting that perhaps there is something going on subconsciously, what can you do about it?

You do the practical work you need to do working with your mind and body to allow the body to give up its secrets. To allow your whole system to relax, stop battling and release naturally and easily the underlying pattern understanding finally that it no longer needs to hold onto that protective pattern it has formulated.

Weight Loss Without Trying

Here is a testimonial from a lady who attended one of my Life Healing Weekend Workshops a year ago to illustrate that the changes that take place are lasting:

” I can hardly believe that it’s over 12 months since I completed the Heal Your Life weekend workshop with you in Sully. I wanted to thank you again, as the anniversary is here, you started me on a fantastic path which has seen my whole life transform. I have lost 2 stone and am still losing more, I gave up smoking and I am now virtually pain free. Also and perhaps most important of all I am happy and at ease that all is well and will continue to be so”.

That lady did not come to lose weight, her weight loss was a side effect of dealing with her “issues”. She is not alone I have lots of participants contact me shortly after the workshop to tell me that without dieting or exercising they have lost excess body fat.

My Weight Loss Experience

I was very overweight as a child and the pain of that stayed with me for most of my life until I dealt with what had been going on in my subconscious and finally released all that “stuff” many years ago now. However, I still remember how it feels and want everyone to reach that point of calm and release that allows them to finally relax especially around food, and trust their body, mind and spirit to take care of the practicalities of being your perfect weight. One thing I have also realised is that if I get fearful about something that I am not attending to then the weight starts to creep on, for me this is like a protective layer or barrier. It also makes me pay attention to what is going on in my life. So although I do not like the extra pounds they alert me to some problem or issue that needs addressing. As soon as I deal with it the weight dissolves.

Drop that Load

I want you to see yourself as the perfect, beautiful individual you are. Whether you join us on a workshop to clear away your “stuff” or come and have some personal hypnotherapy sessions with me do it yourself for yourself, know that I am totally behind you cheering you on because I regularly see the changes that happen when someone does this and the joy it brings not only them but everyone around them. When you drop your subconscious burden, weight loss is easy.

So What Can YOU do about weight loss?

Do something good just for you, deal with all those pent up emotions, anger, hurt, fear, loss or even the cold emotionless state that we can sometimes find ourselves in that leads us to pile on the pounds, fill the hole.  Look up what is available to you locally or  come and spend a weekend or have some private hypnotherapy mind/body sessions with me.   When is the next Life Healing Weekend Workshop?

Can’t make a workshop? then use theHealing Inside Out book and CD or get started now with my Easy Weightloss Hypnosis Download.


I have put together a range of resources to assist the healing process take a look here.